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Industrial Aggregates – Asphalt and Concrete Recycling, Colorado Springs


ACR supplies recycled Industrial Construction Aggregates, producing a variety of grades and types of clean recycled concrete and asphalt materials. ACR recycles asphalt and concrete into reusable construction aggregate products as fast as the trucks bring in the materials.

Industrial Construction Aggregates – Convenient Material Recycling and Concrete Disposal

You can save time and money on your construction project by using recycled asphalt offered by asphalt suppliers. As the leading recycled aggregates supplier and concrete removal specialists in Colorado Springs, CO and nearby, the team at Asphalt Concrete Recycling offers the most convenient way to access the supplies that you need for any type of construction project. Our recycled aggregate products are of the highest quality and provided in a range of grades to cater to your needs. As the leading aggregate recycling provider in the area, we are here to help.

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Highest Quality Recycled Industrial Construction Aggregate Products

As the top rated asphalt suppliers in near me Colorado Springs, CO, the team at Asphalt Concrete Recycling provides access to quality recycled asphalt and material recycling services. We work quickly to produce aggregates, and offer our clients free clean dumping of concrete and asphalt for aggregate recycling. We always have ¾” screen concrete, road base, recycled rock and CDOT Class 5 on offer, as well as a range of aggregates to cater to the requirements of your project. As a professional recycled aggregates supplier, we ensure convenience at every step of the process.

Asphalt Concrete Recycling

Asphalt Concrete Recycling known as ACR to the locals has no supply chain disruptions according to Operations Manager Perry Hastings. ACR  recycles Asphalt and Concrete into reusable Industrial Construction Aggregate products as fast as trucks bring in the materials.

Products always available at ACR, Asphalt Concrete Recycling

  • 57 Rock also called screen concrete, or more specifically referred to as ¾ “Screen Concrete
  • CDOT Class 6 can be or abbreviated to CL 6 or ABC or generically call Road Base
  • CDOT Class 5 depending on spec
  • 1 ½ screen concrete can be referred to as recycled rock or screen concrete
  • Recycled Asphalt base can be referred to as ¾ “minus or RAP depending the project engineer’s nomenclature
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Recycled Concrete 

Concrete Aggregates: Different regional names:

Class 5: CL 5, Class 6, CL 6, ABC, Road Base, CDOT Spec products, Recycled Concrete, Crushed Concrete,

Class 6: Which is also called : recycled concrete, class 5, ABC, Road Base, CDOT Spec CL 6 

Class 6 is a general term for what can be named: road base or recycled concrete. Made out of crushed concrete from old buildings, roads, driveways, sidewalks etc… The recycled ” New ” products can be Class 5, CL 5 Class 6, CL 6, Road base, ABC, rock, 1 ½ , Spec 5 or Spec 6 and many other names depending the region. 1 ½ screened rock or Recycled Rock is just bigger sixed Class 6, which is recycled concrete.

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Asphalt Recycling

Asphalt was first used in the U.S.A. just after the Civil War. Now, it is the paving surface for approximately

Gauging and forecasting demands for Aggregates such as, recycled asphalt and recycled concrete, in the forms of road base, ABC, class 6 and class 5 or 1 ½ rock, in the Colorado Springs, CO area can be challenging if not in the estimation loop. Regional, demand for CDOT Spec materials used on bridges, roads construction and maintenance, plus residential materials are consuming most ACR’s recycled asphalt and concrete materials. Most of the materials that are being recycled are coming from demolition “Demo jobs” of including highways, nonresidential buildings, malls, office complexes, strip malls etc…. 

We also offer clean free dumping of asphalt and concrete!

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State of the Art Scales

Easily access to our industrial size scales, drive straight in and right out. Easy access ticket kiosk, extra large digital readout display and then quickly back to the job site, saving you time and money!

Clean free dumping of asphalt and concrete!

How to dispose of old concrete?

For all of your concrete disposal needs in and around Colorado Springs, you can count on the team at Asphalt Concrete Recycling. To learn more about our concrete removal and disposal services, call today at 719-322-8588


Calculating (L.W. D.) in Feet to Cubic Feet

Length in feet x Width in feet x Depth in feet (inches divided by 12). The final figure will be the estimated amount of cubic feet required.